Power BI July 2018 Update

                                                                             July update
Data modeling

The most exciting feature of July release is Composite models. This feature lets you seamlessly extend your DirectQuery models with other DirectQuery sources or even imported data. earlier it wasn’t possible to connect many DirectQuery to the same report or with import data.

With this release, that barrier has been removed and single report can combine with one or more DirectQuery source /import data set.

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Many to many relationship

this is one of the most awaited feature and with this  you can join tables using a cardinality of Many to Many, and create data models that contain multiple data sources easier and more intuitively. The many-to-many relationship feature is part of the larger composite models

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Analytics (Distribution factor insights)

How you find out new type of insight with your existing data ,now you can find through it Insights feature, which finds different filters that create significant different distributions compared with the original graph. You’ll notice in the insights, we use the stepped line to represent the original chart and the bars of the combo chart to represent the new distribution

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Visualization and formatting

More on the visualization and formatting here

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