Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is the best suited for your on-prem ,complex SQL deployment move to Azure. Which has  many features and will be GA very soon.

Quick start guides allow you to provision Azure SQL Instances ( MI,Single or Elastic pool)  with many options like Azure Portal,PowereShell or CLI, below URL give the starting guide

 Azure SQL MI starting guide

Creating managed instances on Azure docs:

In this approach you can:

  1. Use Azure Deploy button to create a valid Azure VNET, subnet, UDR.
  2. Use Azure portal to configure Managed Instance
  3. Use Azure Deploy button to create VM with installed SSMS/SQL Operation studio

Also, in we have link to ARM Deployment link that can be used to create full environment, managed instance and VM using single deploy button.

Please try it if you need to configure and create managed instance.

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