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take a look at the GitHub repository of Microsoft learning , it has many exams related labs/instruction led course and helpful to make you hands dirty with technology. highly recommend to follow to make you knowledge up to date.

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Azure Data Architecture Guide

The cloud is changing the way applications are designed, including how data is processed and stored. Instead of a single general-purpose database that handles all of a solution’s data, polyglot persistence solutions use multiple, specialized data stores, each optimized to provide specific capabilities. The perspective on data in the solution changes as a result. There are no longer multiple layers of business logic that read and write to a single data layer. Instead, solutions are designed around a data pipeline that describes how data flows through a solution, where it is processed, where it is stored, and how it is consumed by the next component in the pipeline

Azure Data Architecture Guide

Reference Architectures

Microsoft Azure Learning

Azure Data engineer

This is a very cool ,level 100 course to understand the different tools and technologies in Azure data platform. recommend to all data lover to follow and star exploring.

Their role can add tremendous value to both business intelligence and data science projects. It is widely regarded that data wrangling can consume a substantial amount of time on such projects. Having the Data Engineer perform these tasks can accelerate the development of these projects and enable Data Scientists to focus on other areas of their work.

Both Database Administrators and Business Intelligence professionals can easily transition to a data engineer role by learning the new tools and technology used to process these large amounts of data effectively

Azure Data Bricks Deep dive


Azure Data Bricks – the fast, easy and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform , do you need to learn ?? please register


Language Date Registration link
English November 28, 2018 Technical Deep Dive on Cloud Scale Analytics: Azure Data Bricks
English November 29, 2018 Technical Deep Dive on Cloud Scale Analytics: Azure Data Bricks
English December 13, 2018 Technical Deep Dive on Cloud Scale Analytics: Azure Data Bricks
English February 14, 2019 Technical Deep Dive on Cloud Scale Analytics: Azure Data Bricks



AI Capabilities for Power BI

There is a reason why in just few years Power BI has managed to become a market leader in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.
The platform carries with itself the classic Microsoft attribute “Made for the User” from design to the actual platform itself.

happy to announces that new AI capabilities integrated with PowerBI , please refer the below and sign up for the preview early

Sign up for the preview here.

Power BI & Azure ML Better Together

also this a nice article on how to use AML with Power BI to deliver advance analytics to end users

SQLSaturday 2018

It was a great opportunity to deliver session at SQLSaturday 2018 in Sri Lanka to many talented people. Also saw the momentum of developers trying to learn new things specially on Azure SQL, DevOps and AI area and truly appreciate it.

Hope they gained a good knowledge with all experts presented


Would like to specially thanks to organizer of SQLSaturday 2018 in Sri Lanka to share the knowledge with developers.

My presentation can download here

Azure Hybrid Benefit for Azure SQL

Maximize your current Software Assurance investment by using your existing SQL Server licenses to save up to 55 percent on vCore-based SQL Database options, SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines and SQL Server Integration Services.

The calculator will give the option to select Azure SQL instance type ( Mi,Elastic pool or single database)  with vCore based model. see how significant saving you would get with this offer.

Note: same offer is given for Windows servers also.

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is the best suited for your on-prem ,complex SQL deployment move to Azure. Which has  many features and will be GA very soon.

Quick start guides allow you to provision Azure SQL Instances ( MI,Single or Elastic pool)  with many options like Azure Portal,PowereShell or CLI, below URL give the starting guide

 Azure SQL MI starting guide

Creating managed instances on Azure docs:

In this approach you can:

  1. Use Azure Deploy button to create a valid Azure VNET, subnet, UDR.
  2. Use Azure portal to configure Managed Instance
  3. Use Azure Deploy button to create VM with installed SSMS/SQL Operation studio

Also, in we have link to ARM Deployment link that can be used to create full environment, managed instance and VM using single deploy button.

Please try it if you need to configure and create managed instance.